Why consuming A2 milk is necessary during this pandemic phase?

Are you feeling lost, stressed out, and upset lately?

Yes! You’ve been waiting for this pandemic to disappear but the virus won’t just leave. The more we hope, the situation worsens.

But, the good news is…

We can fight this virus. But, how exactly?

It’s very simple. Just drink 300g of A2 milk every day. Yes, you read it right.

With every glass of milk, you are becoming stronger, healthier, and fresher. Not only that, you will build an invisible shield against the virus. It won’t be able to enter your cells anymore. Sounds like a sci-fi movie plot? But that’s the truth. 

Just keep reading and you will see how drinking fresh milk will help you fight Covid-19. 

300g of milk a day keeps the virus AWAY!

Believe it or not, that’s a life tip we are giving you.

When it comes to drinking milk, there are two types of people. The first group will be those people who just love the creamy, tasty essence of milk.

The second group of people is the exact opposite. They simply hate drinking milk. But, that’s only until they get a taste of Farm creme’s fresh A2 milk.

We do not intend to turn this blog into a science lecture. But, here’s the thing. A component in milk called “Lactoferrin” works wonders when it comes to helping you stay safe.

It is this component in milk that helps build your immune response. When you consume milk, lactoferrin content will increase in your body and start building an imaginary wall against the virus. Each time the virus tries to invade, this wall of protection will keep you safe. 

Sounds amazing right?

Well, that’s just the start. 

Here’s every reason you need to gulp a glass of milk during this pandemic phase. Ready?

6 ways in which consuming milk will help us during the pandemic!

1.  A great stress buster 

One big issue that we are facing lately is stress. There is so much panic going on every day and we need to stay mentally fit. Drinking milk will keep your body calm. It is a rich source of Vitamin D which helps to regulate our energy and manage our mood. And, you won’t believe it, it also lowers blood pressure. Here’s a classic pro tip you might know already – Have a glass of milk before going to bed to have a nice sound sleep. 

2.  Keeps you productive and energetic

To be productive is something that everyone wants but very few know how to be and the ones who know are the ones who drink Farm creme’s A2 milk regularly. It increases your ability to do your work and other study routines effectively. Since our A2 milk is delivered to your doorstep right from our farms, it’s everything you need for an exam breakthrough. Consuming our milk stimulates great focus, improves memory, and thus helps us in learning subject matters quickly. 

3. Ensures bone health and strength

It’s very important to keep your bones strong and healthy so that you can move around and keep performing well throughout this phase. Since your body is mostly immobile during the pandemic, constrained with remote work and other family duties, it’s important to provide the right nutrient intake to keep your bones strong. The high presence of calcium in milk will ensure great bone health. Potassium in milk also helps in maintaining bone density. 

4. Boosts brain power and functioning 

What about your brain? Is drinking milk useful for brain activity? 

Yes! Milk boosts brainpower and functioning. It keeps the brain active and agile, also helping in brain maintenance. As most of us remain idle during this time, there is a chance our brain falls victim to unbearable stress. It can be very harmful and cause deteriorating effects over time. By consuming milk, a compound named glutathione is released into the body. Think of it as a component that gives your stress wings and lets it fly away. 

5. Prevents body fat or obesity

Most of our bodies tend to gain fat very easily.  Given that we are sitting in our chair, fixed at one posture for hours together, there is even more chance to gain body fat. That’s not an issue if you’re consuming milk. It helps in preventing fat gain and also helps in burning excessive fat. Having Farm creme’s A2 certified milk as a part of your diet will enhance your fitness and help prevent body fat. 

6. Glowing appearance and skincare

While staying indoors most of the time, you won’t have to bother about sunburn or tanned skin. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be working with face packs to enlighten your skin. You can add some milk to Besan and Masur and gently caress the solution to your skin for a glowing appearance. It’s a great moisturizer and can cool you down when you’re highly stressed. 

Ladies, we’ve got a pro tip for you – You can apply a mixture of a tablespoon of milk along with one tablespoon of honey and ripe banana to their hair, to condition their hair, and get the glowy shiny smoothness. After applying this on your hair, wait for 15-20 minutes and have a quick wash to soak the content into your hair. These small remedies with milk will make you feel very good.

Use milk in your everyday diet

The best thing about milk is that it can be used as a part of your diet. The protein-rich drink can be used in several dishes to add a great flavor.

You can also try your favorite ice cream recipe with our farm fresh milk. The a2 rich proteins will render a great flavor for icecreams and melt your tongue. If you’re a lover of cheese, yogurt, or cream, then our milk is the best one to go for. 

Are you a crazy workout maniac?

Whatever the answer is, we need to start working out and incorporating some exercises in our daily schedule to stay emotionally and physically fit during this period. The best supplement for muscle growth is a glass of milk. It rejuvenates the body, supports the body fibers, and helps in strengthening our muscles. It is also a great aid for preventing muscle loss and enhancing muscle recovery. Athletes and sports figures must have a glass of milk after the burn out session to replenish their energy and maintain good body balance. 

Are you up to beat the virus?

Aren’t you excited?

Let’s start by drinking some A2 milk today. Farm Creme delivers the best organic, farm-fresh milk that is all you need to fight this pandemic.

Order yours now!

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